Cosimo Cardone (Ostuni, 1967), designer, has built his professional career following unusual trajectories, far from classical academic training.

Objective (centered) of his profession has always been to be able to merge the immoderate passion for design and contemporary architecture to love for his land, its culture and local traditions.

In 2002 he founded Talentitalia together with his mentor Maurizio Macciocchi, designing and self-producing objects of furniture and design, developing his skills in interior design and residential architecture.

In 2006, alongside Talentitalia, he gave life to Studio Talent, extending skills and activities in the field of architecture and landscape, going beyond regional and national borders.

Moreover, during this period, profitable collaborations continue, which continue today, with
architects and professionals in the sector who fully represent the “extended staff” of Studio Talent.

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Marco Cavallo (Ostuni, 1977), general contractor, achieves his professional training through studies and work experience at design studios and construction companies in which he deals with technical and administrative planning and coordination of activities related to construction.

During his career, he specializes his interests in the direction of works, dedicating particular interest in the coordination of construction activities.

Since 2006 he has been co-ordinating Cosimo Cardone in coordinating the activities of the TALENT STUDIO and in 2014 he becomes a partner, providing the service of General Contractor, supporting the already started technical services of architecture and engineering.

With the service of General Contractor, in the construction of renovations and new residential buildings, it guarantees two distinct activities, a collaboration with external professionals regarding the works management and the coordination of the building site, the second management and coordination of the works for the complete realization of interventions Constructions.

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Fabio Pacifico (Ostuni 1982), Environmental Civil Engineer, has built his career following first the classical academic training at the Polytechnic of Turin and then through master’s and training courses.

The aim of his work is to always focus on green – architecture, which has always been a priority of Studio Talent, through the use of environmentally sustainable materials and the choice of plant systems that limit the impact of the work on the environment as much as possible.

In 2008 he began a training and working program at a design studio where he acquired the first bases for energy requalification and safety coordination during the design and execution phase.

In 2010 he joined a company, refining his knowledge on systems that exploit renewable sources. acquiring the basics to take care of the design of an installation system from the early stages.

In 2012 he joined the Studio Talent, transferring knowledge related to energy efficiency and sustainability, making the design choices fall towards compatibility requirements not only environmental, but also economic and social, with the task of finding solutions widely accessible and not burdensome for the environment and for the potential customer.

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(Ostuni 1985) After several professional experiences in engineering and topography; joins the staff of Studio Talent in 2011 specializing in the management of administrative and shipbuilding requirements. Becomes a partner in the study in 2014.

(Ostuni 1985) Dopo diverse esperienze professionali in ambito ingegneristico e topografico; entra a far parte dello staff dello STUDIOTALENT nel 2011 specializzandosi nella gestione degli adempimenti amministrativi e cantieristici. Diviene socio dello studio nel 2014.

(Ostuni, 1987), graduated in 2014 at the Polytechnic of Bari in ing. Building-Architecture, since 2015 he joined the STUDIOTALENT where he deals with managing and coordinating the various phases of the building process, with particular reference to the restoration of historic buildings.


Co-founder of the Studio Transit in Rome, he works in the field of architectural and urban planning. He also deals with interior architecture and design. He has adopted Puglia and Studio Talent with whom he has been collaborating since 2006.


(Ostuni 1963) Structural engineer, he was director for several years of a laboratory of surveys and tests on materials and structures, expert in FEM calculus, deals with the structural design and verification of seismic vulnerability of civil and industrial structures and of pressure devices. Since 2014 he has been collaborating with POLYTECHNIC OF BARI – DEPARTMENT DICAR, in the performance of tests for the dynamic identification of bridges and viaducts. Collaborates with Studio Talent since 2006, dealing specifically with structural design.


He works as a freelance architect on a large scale, dealing with renovations, interiors and exhibition installations in contemporary visual arts, as well as architectural projects. He collaborates with Studio Talent since 2005, his studio is based in Jesi (AN) and in Venice.
In the United States he continuously collaborates on projects with Gaetano Pesce.


(Ostuni 1986) Building Engineer, he graduated at the Polytechnic of Milan in 2013. From 2014 he collaborates with the STUDIOTALENT dealing with structural design and construction supervision.


(Ostuni 1967) For about twenty years, engaged in the sphere of agricultural engineering, rural architecture and landscape; he is a correspondent academic of the National Academy of Agriculture and promoter of Studio Talent since its creation, with which, today, he collaborates as a partner.


(Augusta, 1988), Graduated in Advertising Communication and Communication Design at the Politecnico di Milano, in 2012 he joined Accenture Multimedia Agency with the role of Digital Art Director & UX Interaction Designer. In 2015 Art Director and online and offline communication manager of the fashion brand Pal Zileri, currently Brand Manager and responsible for communication in Corneliani.
He collaborates with Studio Talent since 2010 as a freelance designer.

Rossana Carparelli

(Ostuni 1988) Always passionate about photography has approached design and architecture taking care, since 2012, of the communication of the STUDIOTALENT for which follows the social profiles, relations with the press and coordinates events.